Activist photojournalist. Fierce individualist. Outsider. Yankee fan. Anti-intellectual. Cynic. Sailor. Tree planter. Son. Brother. Father. Husband. There is more to a man than meets the eye.

Bill Biggart was many things.
And although his death under the debris of 9/11 brought them all to an end, his spirit and his work live on today.


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The last day

10:28:24 a.m. on September 11th, 2001 was the precise second that photojournalist Bill Biggart took the final shot of his life. He took his last breath moments later when the North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed upon him. Four days later, searchers found his body, his burnt-edged press cards, his three demolished cameras, six rolls of film, and one small undisturbed compact flash card carrying almost 150 digital images. It was the remains of one horrifying day and one extraordinary life.

“I am certain if Bill had come home at the end of that day, he would have had many stories to tell us, as he always did. And had we asked how it really was, he would have said, ‘Take my advice, don’t stand under any tall buildings that have just been hit by airplanes.”
-Wendy Doremus, wife of Bill Biggart